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captions by closed captioning services >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i want to show you something now on owe rile live which is where you want to go when you want to speak their religion. >> the committed left-wing media continuing to pound people like michele bachmann for being zealots. are there no mirrors in left wing precincts? we'll tell you why this is happening. >> bill o'reilly on fox news expressed that sentiment last night. >> bill: the factor makes the white house briefing today. it all has to do with the debt debate and lou dobbs says both sides are misbehaving. >> these are lethal. >> polls show half the world would feel safer with the auto bots completely gone. get them out of here. >> bill: factor exclusive transformers three and us. we'll show you the big scene in the movie. >> sounded like a pinhead agent and i got a suggestion for you, damage control. >> bill: caution, you are about
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to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. agony, agony on the left. this evening's talking points memo. no matter how the debate turns out america will lose. dick morris disagreed. he will be here in a moment. but i am more convinced than ever that the folks understand it is not good for the nation to borrow another $2 trillion on top of the 14.5 trillion we already owe. i think even the dimmest among us knows that's bad. and who wants to keep borrowing? well, that would be the left. and its leader president obama. smart people on the left understand the situation. the consumer confidence in america stands at 58.5.
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that's a catastrophe. the historical barometer for a president being reelected is about 100 in the consumer confidence index. so it's easy to see the trouble mr. obama is facing. in the face of that, the committed left media is demonizing their opposition conservative republicans. >> i think i can go back to the high priest or the high priest of this tea party caucus. michele bachmann. i think she is a true believer. i want to show you something now on o'reilly, which is where you go when you want to speak their religion, when you want to do the whole thing with the vestments on and everything. when you go over to the far right you go over to bill and check out. here is michele bachmann. >> can i almost smell the inaccidents. do you have any idea what they are talking about? i don't have any idea what they are talking about. of course michele bachmann is a true believer. she is a committed conservative. no one disputes that the question then becomes why is the liberal media obsessed with
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michele bachmann and for that matter sarah palin? why? the answer is a bit complicated. the left is extremely disappointed that president obama's economic policies have failed so far. liberals are frustrated. and when people get frustrated, they tend to lash out. ms. bachmann, ms. palin are easy targets because they are outspoken in their opposition to the left, thus the lashing. but, again, it's mindless, the real deal is that most americans now believe president obama has lost control of the economy. continuing to hammer michele bachmann not going to change that. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in the purveyor of dick mr. morris. i told you last week and now all the polls are saying the same thing, americans are putting the debt debate, crisis, however you want to describe it on the soldiers of -- shoulders of the left and mr. obama, correct? >> i didn't agree with that i do agree that we do not want to
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borrow more money. obviously you can't get off it cold turkey because we can't cut the budget by 40% in one week. but i believe that the republicans are on exactly the right track of opposing additional taxes, supporting spending cuts and demanding constitutional reform of a balanced budget amendment with spending caps on the federal government in return for a debt limit increase. >> right. but the tea party and michele bachmann, did you see the interview? >> absolutely not. that's a good bargaining position. and. >> bill: i have got to tell you it's more than a bargaining position. i have read thousands of viewer mail this week there are people out there who say we don't care if the economy collapses. we don't care if the checks aren't written. we don't want any debt ceiling rise. period. what would you put the percentage of those americans at? you are a tea party guy. >> right now, probably, i mean if you just ask the question,
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probably 65%, 70%. if you probe it and you say the consequences, you probably would get it down to 30% or 35%. i have got news for you, michele bachmann wins the presidency of the united states, she is going to have to raise the debt limit. you cannot cut the budget by 40% in one week. >> bill: you can't do it because of the american economy. not even that. >> that's just the economy. the defense budget. >> bill: do you want to seat stock market drop a thousand points. >> or more i do want to say this all of this nonsense and it is nonsense, i would use a stronger word, about how we are going to default if we don't raise the debt limit is ridiculous. first of all, the federal government owes about 200 billion foreign debt service the rest of the year. it's going to take over a trillion in revenue and taxes the rest of the year. they can pay it. >> bill: rove had this last night. the bottom line. >> wait a second, hang on. but then i also think that the republicans could make this go away in a minute bypassing a
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conditional increase in the debt limit, saying if the treasury secretary says he needs this money to avert default and he has got no other way to do it, we're going to let him increase the debt limit only to stop america from defaulting on its credit. the minute the republicans do that, obama no lever to hold over their heads. >> bill: i would be -- now i'm going back, i'm more of a tea party guy than you. i would do that but i would say in return you have to put in writing you are going to cut a certain amount out of the budget to even give you that you have got to do that now, here is the really interesting dichotomy here. we told in the talking points memo the consumer price index 55, whatever it. >> confidence index. 55. no president has been reelected even close to that. >> he won't be either. >> bill: let's put on the screen the latest quinnipiac poll and here are the matchups. president obama against mitt romney obama wins 47%, to 41 hers. president obama against michele
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bachmann he wins by 12%. palin, he wins by 19%. and by perry, who is not even in yet, he wins by 13%. how do you explain the disenchantment on the part of the americans toward the president yet when you put the matchups with the republican contender, he beats them all. each of those four polls is totally different. romney obama at 47, romney at 41. >> bill: 41, right. >> obama is losing that race 53% to 47%. when incumbent president is below 50% of the vote, all the undecided always goes against him. >> bill: every one? >> every single one. i went back to 1960 and i looked at every single race where an incumbent president was running for re-election. even when they massacred the opponent against johnson against cold water and nixon against mondale every point of the undecideds, 8 a% of them went to the challenger. >> bill: i just want to be
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clear, you say in a poll like this it's misleading because the undecideds and -- romney and obama. >> they are all going -- 13% are undecided in that poll. you say they will all go to romney. okay. >> now, the palin poll is different because they are the 53%. and secondly it's on people that don't like palin. and, therefore, he would -- palin would lose. bachmann and perry, the reason the president is at 5 oand not lower is they just don't know who she is. name recognition. the important number of the four is that romney won and obama is losing that by six points. >> okay. look, you are the pollster. >> look, i worked for bill clinton and i would take a poll and he would be at 40% and bob dole would be at 40%. i would say to him you are losing by 20 points and he would understand that. and that would be what we do. >> bill: i'm not questioning you guru of polling. do a poll for me. come back next wednesday. i want you to ask a very simple
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question. who is responsible for the giant debt america has? the republican party or the democratic party or both? got it next wednesday. >> got it. >> can i just say something about bachmann and palin? >> bill: real fast. >> they are existential threat to the democratic party because the democratic party is essentially based on women. women and minorities. and, therefore, when they need a conservative republican woman, that threatens them in a way that a man never can. and that's why they are soville i vitriolic. >> bill: gender politics going in there factor is mentioned in a white house briefing today all about the debt. lou dobbs is annoyed with both parties. dobbs will be here. later transformers 3 most likely a billion-dollar movie and the factor plays a role. we'll show it to you upcoming.
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>> bill: imhacket segment tonight as the debt debate goes on americans are becoming frustrated. here is white house press secretary jay carney today. >> there is a growing chorus out here of republicans and conservatives who acknowledge that we need to do this in a balanced way. i think you interviewed senator simpson who made that quite clear. i think bill o'reilly on fox news expressed that sentiment
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last night. >> bill: now, while i am a registered independent i am calling for reasonable compromise on the situation. no, no income tax rise. here now fox news business anchor lou dobbs both sides are at fault in the matter. all right. let's begin with the republicans. what are they doing wrong? >> first of all, they are simply intractable on the idea that they will allow the increase in revenue. >> bill: they have to be, come on. that's what they campaigned on last november and the economy is in jeopardy so i'm intractable too then. >> and i'm not. i'm an independent as well. i'm also a conservative, certainly when it comes to the operation of the federal government. we have -- >> you would raise the upper level -- >> absolutely not. i would, in fact, reduce income tax rates. >> bill: you would close the loopholes. >> absolutely. >> bill: you said income tax rise close some of those loopholes. >> right.
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>> bill: number one they are coming across the g.o.p. intractable in that matter. >> exactly. speaker boehner has been courageous and strong throughout he has to take the next step which is now to lead because this president is not leading and boehner is failing to fill that vacuum. >> bill: what does boehner specifically have to do? what do you want to hear him say. >> hear him say specifically rather than to say to the president we want to see your numbers. he needs to present now to the american people the plan to reduce the deficit, to reduce the size of government. >> bill: this is what we want to take out now in our -- >> -- i think to lead he has to do this. he has to discuss three things that have not been discussed by either party. he has to say what is a reasonable level of debt for this nation now at 14.5 trillion. >> bill: it's theoretical. >> $14.5 trillion. >> bill: that's not reasonable. >> absolutely not. second of all he has to say what's a reasonable time to balance the budget? these have to be concepts expressed to the american people. >> bill: boehner here is what we have to cut boom boom boom boom
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boom boom. i don't think it's going to harassment democratic side, first of all, do you agree with me that liberal measure is getting hurt in this debate? >> absolutely. that the perception of the folks. >> this president, i mean, is he looking worse every day in it. and at the same time, nothing is being done. he has an opportunity here to cancel out two and a half years of miserable performance. he could stand up and say we are going to cut the where -- >> get one out of two on this one, bill, when it comes to leadership, we will be in great shape. >> bill: clear to me from the cbs interview yesterday with scott pelley when he asked
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president obama are you going to be able to cut the social security checks on august 3rd and the president said well, i don't know, we really don't have the money there. it's clear to me that the president is going to play what he played before. of the medicare scare card. now he is going to play the social security scare card. >> this president, who was elected on hope and the promise of change, problem change has become a president who resorts to the rhetoric of fear. is he fear mongering and he did something that i think politically is so low that it is contemptible last night. he went to his favorite news organization, cbs news, and he chose to try to scare older americans dependent on social security. that's beneath contempt. >> bill: you don't believe that that would happen that they have -- >> -- not unless this president made the choice to do that. >> bill: not to do it because they have the choice. >> it's a political choice not an mick issue -- economic issue at all. >> bill: the stock market is going to go down a thousand points it's going to be really bad for the economy, i'm sorry. >> it will not happen on
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august 3rd. this pretense that august 2 s nd a real date. >> bill: i think they are going to get a deal. all they have to do is announce a deal. >> understand, please, everyone, investigated in the market, bond market, whatever security, these folks are smart. they are watching -- they are watching a game. they are watching people who think they are playing a very high level game and right now this president is screwing it up badly. what will screw up the markets will be if they try to push through something in two weeks, some contrive, nonsense they haven't read that they don't understand. >> bill: like the obama bill. i have got that i think if they announce a deal and take time to iron it out that that would calm the economic -- >> i agree. >> bill: that's what they should do. lou dobbs, everybody, there he is, very smart guy, lowe. take a look at him. there is a smart man right there. directly ahead, attorneys for casey anthony. very worried that her life may be in danger. >> get her out of jail.
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get her out of town. she can't be here. jack kels out there. >> bill: county state of florida protect ms. anthony once she leaves jail this weekend? right back with that report. woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack? it can feel like there's a ton of weight on your chest. you could also feel squeezing, pressure, or discomfort. don't make excuses for these symptoms. make the call to 9-1-1. you might also feel shortness of breath.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight as you may though casey anthony is expected to be released from jail this sunday and her lawyers are very concerned. >> get her out of jail and get her out of town. she can't be here. these jackals out there, still out there calling for her blood, threatening the jury, threatening the lawyers, you know, threatening everybody. i don't know whether the judge has gotten threats or not but it wouldn't surprise me if he has. not a safe place for casey to
5:22 am
be. >> bill: also a report she is going to change her name and appearance. also allegations there may have been witness tampering in the case. outside the jail holly bristow reporter for the fox affiliate down there. i understand you just talked to casey anthony's attorneys, correct? >> i certainly did, bill. he was telling me that he does have one of his assistance looking into what it would take for casey anthony to change her name. as for changing her appearance, he is saying that the defense team is suggesting to her that she cut her hair and do something to conceal her appearance. he says that his client has probably almost as recognizable as the president at this point. after the amount of media attention she has gotten over the last eight weeks. >> bill: do you know what the strategy is? i guess they are going to let her out of the back door of the jail. usually the prisoners come out the front door. i wouldn't imagine they dual that because there is going to be hundreds of reporters there and probably spectators as well. so they will probably to try to secret her out some place else. and then, what, her attorneys? because the state of florida is going to say hey, once you are out of here, you are gone. we don't care.
5:23 am
and her attorneys are going to take her from there, right? >> i do know that her defense team does have a plan in place. they are obviously not letting that out to the public for safety reasons. typically jail inmate would come right out that door and just get into a car and go. but in this situation i'm told that that is very likely not going to happen. my sources at the jail are telling me that in all likeliness, no matter where we are camped out around this jail, we likely won't get a single shot of her as she leaves. they tell me that they probably won't even let us know until at least 30 minutes after she is out of here that she has officially been released from the jail. they are saying that is for the safety of casey and also for the safety of those of us out here covering and protesters who have just been so many threats. >> bill: going to be like elvis, elvis leaves the building and nobody even knows where elvis is but elvis is gone and nobody sees him. look, this underground parking in that deal. that's how they are going to do it. they will get her out somehow. another casey anthony matter, there has been some witness
5:24 am
controversies. number one, ms. anthony's mother, i guess, could have been charged with perjury for changing her story about chloroform. tell me what cindy anthony did and why the state did not charge her. >> well, computer searches done from the anthony home had showed that somebody back on march 19th of 2008 had searched chloroform several times. to the surprise of everybody, cindy anthony got up on the stand and said she was the one that had done the chloroform searches. the state using that as the premeditation for murder for casey. so, by cindy saying that, that blew their whole theory out of the water. well, then, they brought cindy anthony back up on the stand after getting her work record. excuse me, didn't bring her back up on the stand got ahold of her work record and brought in some of her co-workers, a person from the corporate headquarters in atlanta to say according to her computer records she was actually logged on to her computer that day actually doing work and sending emails at the
5:25 am
same time that she was saying that she was actually sitting at home searching for chloroform on her computer, bill. >> bill: they were able to prove that cindy anthony, casey's mother lied to try to help her daughter, obviously, but they didn't charge her. why didn't they charge her? >> they are not exactly saying specifically why they didn't charge her. i think this is one of those cases where investigators did realize this was a woman in a very sticky situation. >> bill: so they felt sorry for her. >> she lost her granddaughter and there was a good possibility that she could lose her daughter. now we know obviously that's not going to happen with the verdict. >> bill: probably a political thing why they didn't charge. 30 seconds here. now there is an allegation that another witness was tampered with. do you know anything about that? >> you know, police are being very hush hush about this. they are not saying specifically who this witness is. i'm wondering if this was the same witness that there were allegations brought against back in january. but police would not confirm that for me today, bill. >> bill: all right, we have an investigation that we're running on this and we will have that
5:26 am
for you. i think we're going to have a name for you tomorrow, holly so. we appreciate it stand by. and plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller has thoughts on the debt debate. we want to know why the royal company dissed miller when they traveled to santa barbara where he lives. also transformer 3 huge money maker, factor is a part of it we have a clip we want to show you. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, you may remember our palma reena who runs a web site called hot for words. she is a russian immigrant who has become very successful here in america on the net. last month morina became an american citizen
5:30 am
[pledge of allegiance] >> bill: let's start, you're teaching high school in a small town about 250 miles outside of moscow you decide look, i want to come to america. why do you want to come here. >> well, bill, i always wanted to live by the ocean and in russia we didn't have that. and i always wanted to learn about american culture because english language fascinated me. >> bill: so you decide to become an you a pair and you wind up in california. how hard is that? how did you get that job? >> it's quite hard. you have to have a special degree teaching kids and owe pair is someone who lives with an american family for a year and learn about american culture and you are treated as a member of an american family and you go to college and you study language and history of america.
5:31 am
>> bill: so you -- >> -- and it was quite -- >> bill: you are going to school and working for a family in los angeles. and then that job -- then that ends. now, how did you get to stay here? that's what a lot of people want to know. how come you didn't have to go back to russia? >> well, it's a long process. it took me eight years to get where i am right now. and, you know, you have to apply for certain papers. you get a green card. you get a permanent green card. then you have to pass a special language test. and the history lesson. and the world literature lesson. and then once you pass that you are eligible to take an oath. and when you. >> applies for citizenship. was it hard for you to get the green card to be illegal to work? did they give you a hard time about that? >> since i have a special degree in zoology, it's very unique field. not a lot of people know and study that. >> so they wanted your
5:32 am
expertise, marina as the factor does. >> yes. >> bill: and they kept you here. what was the hardest partbout becoming a citizen? what was the most challenging thing? >> the most challenging is probably the fact that it takes certain steps and you have to wait. so it's not an easy process. not fast process. so you really need to adjust to the culture and learn about the culture. about america. and about mentality and the laws and you have to follow certain rules and laws that constitution of america. >> can't screw up or you are out of here. have you got though have patience. >> not at all. >> bill: have you got to have patience and you have got to behave. >> exactly. >> bill: meantime wheel you were working for citizenship you established this hot for words web site huge success. millions have gone there to be educated by you. really you are an american success story.
5:33 am
that is, no doubt about that. >> well, i just want to say thank you to the country that gave me this opportunity gave me this opportunity to follow my dream and to educate and i'm just very thankful. as i'm very proud of becoming american and i think a lot of people take it for granted. and as the first generation american, i want to make sure my kids will get that message and will always appreciate the fact that it's a privilege to be american. >> bill: all right, marina. well said and congratulations to you. >> god bless america. >> bill: marina tells us she is talking to hollywood pinheads about making a tv series based upon her web site. only in america. when we come right back, only in america does miller miller hold court. the d man on the debt talk and the royals visiting his hometown. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time seeing maniment tonight. as you may know dennis miller does a daily program for west wood one. he does a debt debate driving us absolutely crazy. the sage of california joins us. >> billie, billy, still a little teared up about marina's march to citizenship. when i think about you and ambassador charlie sheen co-sponsoring her through the process, i'm tell you it's a great thing that you have done there. and her road to naturalization. although when they pulled wide it didn't quite look like everything had been naturalized. i'm telling you, it's quite a beautiful thing have you done there. [ laughter ] >> bill: you know, i don't understand why i'm laughing, miller. i don't understand the line. but i'm just going to let it go.
5:38 am
the naturalization process as you know it's very complicated. and requires a lot of research. >> you have to cleave from your former. >> bill: year not going to do that. >> you have to cleave from your former citizenship. >> bill: why did i hire you, miller? why? [ laughter ] all right. solve the debt ceiling for us, please. >> listen, i think it's like the truman show. we ought to push this thing and roll out to the horizon line. it's a blue tarp with a door in it and you go through and there is wiser allocation of the money we have. i view the united states like a close friend who just happens to be a junky and you know you get to that point where junkies in the throws of an addiction and you have to figure out whether you want to be the next one to tie the junky off and shoot it up again or you just want to stop there. they are both loving gestures but it's a fine line you have got to walk. i choose not to assist in the demise of my country, therefore, i think we ought to stop it right here.
5:39 am
forget raising the debt ceiling. i say we lower the debt floor and avoid pay -- >> bill: supposed to be doing that in conjunction. look, you are reflecketting a lot of the people who wrote to me this week. but, look, moody's today is now threatening a downgrade of all u.s. bonds because of the failure to raise the debt ceiling. you can't have this economic armageddon. i got your point theoretically and i understand the tea party's point theoretically. you can't have the stock market going down 1500 points. there is a way to do this in a responsible manner. there is. >> we just disagree on, this bill. you know how much i respect you on many things. this is coming down the road enforced or not enforced. we can pick the time where dedo it or pick the time. if we think we are just going to keep pushing it out there. >> bill: have you got to have the spending cuts in stone to go along with it so that you say okay, one last time we're going
5:40 am
to do this but, here's what's going to have to happen in writing to get this thing under control. >> all right, final. can i pitch a tax thing though. if they are going to go to a progressive -- i think they should make it entirely progressive. and the mean point should be me. what i earn each year. i will continue to pay what i pay and people on 50% aren't paying nothing. but way out there on the other horizon line warren buffet who evidently can't sleep at night, i would like to aswamg that guy's guilt and make it entirely progressive where you are making buffet money you kick 100% of it back. keep 10 million bucks. all right? that would help solve this. >> bill: i think we can have some revenue raising on a flat tax basis that doesn't hurt the economy. now, i was stunned, miller, stunned when prince william and prince kate or lady kate or whatever kate she is, shows up in santa barbara where you live to play polo and i don't see you. where were you? >> i understand it completely.
5:41 am
do you think this kid one month into his wedding is going to let that girl be privy to my hotness? do you really think that is he going to risk it all and let her meet me? then she goes away thinking i thought i had a fairy tale, i have got nothing. miller is the answer over there. >> bill: purely personal on the part of prince william not wanting to put you in proximity of his -- >> billy, i couldn't attend that day anyway. i had bigger fish to fry. barney frank was doing a slip and slide demo up here that i had to attend to. and he ripped his wet suit on a submersed sprinkler head and tore it all down the right haunch. we laughed, we laughed. >> bill: that's just a lie, miller. it's just not true. [ laughter ] >> neither was those naturalized breasts. >> bill: i'm sensing a theme that's not good. >> you floated it.
5:42 am
>> bill: derek jeter hits the home run for the 3,000 hit. and a nice kid, christian lopez, 23, catches the ball in the stands, gives it back to jeter. and you say this was not a wise thing to do, miller. how could you? >> well, listen, at this point they are thinking of taxing the kid. if you look closely you cut out a little early there you can see geithner fighting him for the ball. our government is like locusts now. they sweep in on anything. it's like, you know, atlas shrug. they got to tax cats in florida. they are trying to tax this kid's baseball. at this point this country is screwed up you are better off letting that ball hit you in the head. tax lopez and then they found he was here illegally. they waived that so it all worked out in the end. >> bill: miller high life, the beer people, they are going to pay mr. lopez tax bill because the yankees are giving him front row seats the rest of the season. >> good for them. >> bill: jeter gave him a whole bunch of stuff and this and that
5:43 am
the point is another person could have sold that jeter ball for maybe 100 k so this kid, this lopez kid he is a good guy. is he a patriot, right? >> yeah. i like lopez. i'm kidding. he did the right thing and you can see how we're overthinking things in this culture now that you can't even catch a ball and give it back to a guy without putting your into some weird system where geithner and the fed come in like fire -- just try to burn it to the ground. it's crazy. >> bill: we have got to tax everything and, you know. the tax man the beatle song. >> take it all from buffet and gates. how do they sleep at night? >> bill: i don't know how they sleep at night, miller. i don't know how you sleep at night. some of the things that you have said during this segment. >> i don't. i don't. they put a counting sheep tax on me. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. we are not responsible. and as a reminder, miller and i launched the bolder fresher tour in west bury long island august 20th. theater will be rocking. folks coming from all over the country to see the first show.
5:44 am
october other venues under discussion check it all out please on bill o' transformers 3 factor style. we're in the movie and taking credit for its enormous success. play you the clip when we come back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we will play a clip from transformers three featuring me in a moment. first a conservative group called keep american safe run by liz cheney's angry about afghanistan. >> your commander and chief has your back. so why did president obama ignore his general's advice and impose a hasty withdrawal from afghanistan? >> it has more risks than i recommended. more aggressive formulation than what we had recommended. >> he is fundamentally asking our troops to do more with less.
5:48 am
so what does that mean? that actually means more casualties. >> whose back does he have? tell president obama to put our troops before his politics. tell him to keep america safe. >> bill: here now to analyze fox business anchor dagen mcdowell. that might be a tough sell by liz cheney and her group. most americans want troops out of there. >> combat weary. after the troop fox news polled people 74% of those in the poll approved. you look at a cbs news poll 79%. >> bill: approve of the withdrawal. >> of the withdrawal that the president stated. you know, look, i think that the generals should prevail here but i understand 10 years in afghanistan and the money, the money is a big factor. it's not just war weary, it's blood and treasure. we are spending so much money in iraq and afghanistan and obviously we don't have any money. >> it's worth noting in that very testimony used in the ad
5:49 am
they did say the president didn't follow mike mullen said it but they did say they have gotten on board with the plan and they will make due with what they have. >> bill: come on, dagen. they have to say that they work for the guy. all right. >> but they are still there. >> bill: let's get to the real important thing transformers 3. >> most important thing. >> $700 million gross nationally and here in the u.s.a. it's amazing. it's been out three weeks. now, when they first approached me to do this, dagen, i said transformers, i don't know. i don't know. i have to talk to the transformers and have to talk to the some box guy. shia labeouf is going to have to come over and convince me. but we got it done. so i am in the movie, ladies and gentlemen. and roll the tape. >> my next guest is a former american intelligence operative who has dared to speak out regarding our alleged military alliance with what many describe as a group of extra terrestrial
5:50 am
mercenaries. he is the author of the best-selling book code name hero former special agent see more simmons. >> bill, big fan, great to be here. >> you would have us believe that it is in our best interest to formally take sides in this so-called alien civil war. >> the other side wanted to spank us for breakfast so i wouldn't exactly call it a toss-up. these are lethal. >> bill: polls show half the world would feel safer with the autobots completely gone. get them out of here. we don't need them here. >> i feel safer when i sleep with a hand grenade doesn't mean i'm always right. >> agent, here at the factor we have obtained documents that show you were fired by the -- >> don't side budget cuts. get out. >> severe delusional tendencies. >> this is ambush journalism. >> look. buy my book. buy my book before it's too late, people. you want a piece of me, bill? you want to get naked? i'm reddy. >> you sound like a pinhead,
5:51 am
agent. i have got a suggestion for you. >> it's over. >> damage control. >> you have obviously upset mr. simmons. you have 23 seconds to leave the property. i have called the police. you are a peasant people throwing rocks at a giant. >> what's up next? what have we got? >> book signing mid noon. >> bill: just another day at the factor. that's what always happens here. >> since when did you start sending crews to people's houses to do remote shots. >> i'm doing this from my bath robe from up in connecticut. >> bill: they did that shoot from the set right where i'm sitting. and michael bay, the director, was in los angeles. and he was in my ear. in my ear piece telling me what to do and, of course, i didn't follow any of his directions at all. i did what i wanted to do. the actor john was sitting right where you are not over here, he was actually in the studio feeding me the lines that you heard which they re-shot in los angeles. and edited together. fascinating thing it took about 20 minutes.
5:52 am
and, you know, people in pakistan, i'm getting letters, they love me. they don't care about the deseptembercons. >> by the way he is a good guy. >> bill: is he a little crazy. he is a little crazy. i had to -- you know. we didn't know he was a good guy until later on when the decremplet -- decepticons. >> you removed the reason for me to go see it. >> bill: chicago they blow it up street by street when they come to reverend wright it's just gruesome. [ laughter ] >> bill: that didn't happen but -- >> one of the members of the factor said this is citizen cain if you like robots fighting in 3-d in a half hour. >> bill: fighting a lot. there is a lot of fighting. i'm one of the calmer influences. dagen mcdowell, everybody. >> you rock. >> bill: in a moment pinheads and patriots critters killing americans. what's the most dangerous animal insect to reptile in the u.s.a.
5:53 am
we will tell you p and p after these messages. wo [crowd cheers] ♪ strike three out two down out there two down [crowd cheers] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] [male announcer] sometimes, coming home can be a battle in itself. our wounded warriors need everyone's support to meet the challenges they face every day.
5:54 am
the uso provides every american a way to support them and their families. it's how all of us, as a community, can give something back to our heroes. it's how we can say thank you and assure them that their sacrifice is recognized and appreciated by every one of us. what? it's good to be back. join us. visit to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of our wounded warriors and their families. the uso. until every one comes home. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment starring critters who can kill us. >> first the mail: >> bill: in what way? the congresswoman was asked
5:55 am
tough questions that's what we do here. i'm curious as to why you think that's unfair. that separates us from any other news programs . >> bill: obviously, i disagree. i put forth a responsible compromise that would cut federal spending not raise taxes and keep the economy afloat. >> bill: as i said, you guys gotta figure this out, it is bad. >> bill: never said anything close to that. i said the ceiling should be raised one more time, i said that if big spending cuts are put in writing. in god we trust, not in politicians.
5:56 am
>> bill: i am dealing with it. i want law enforcement to have another tool to deal with deadly parents, we got to protect the kids. >> bill: i understand but many of us do discipline our children and impose standards and behaviors on them. we don't have to ruse rod. it is a matter of will and
5:57 am
creativity. i'll address the parenting issue laura brought up on i hope you are enjoying the discounts for the summer sale right now. >> bill: i'm glad you are watching over there. >> finally, pinheads and patriots 46-year-old oscar navarro stung to death by bees in tucson, arizona this week. condolences to his family. we wanted to know which critters are the most dangerous. poisonous snakes and lizards kill seven americans in 2007. spiders killed eight americans. bees and wasps, 54 fatalities. dogs killed 32 americans. other mammals, 76 fatalities. in 2007, bears killed one person. there were no deaths from shark attacks in u.s. waters.
5:58 am
be careful when confronting nature that's the smart and patriotic thing to do. that is it for us tonight. check out the factor news website. we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, do not be beli -- bellicose when writing to the factor. miller was making my life very, very difficult. miller loves that. he loves to say that stuff. you know, that's what you get. again, thanks for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly always remember that the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. >> top of the morning to you.
5:59 am
it's thursday, july 14th. i hope aur going to have a great day. i'm gretchen carlson. the debt deal on the rocks now after president obama walks leaving last night's meeting with the last word, apparently. with his warning for congressman eric cantor. will it lead to more chaos today? another meeting on the books. >> yeah, it should be a good one. meanwhile, donald trump so baffled by republicans' debt strategy, he's speaking spanglish. >> hard to believe that the republicans look like they're about to fold again. they talk tough but don't act tough. it's called el foldo. >> so what got donald so fired up? we'll tell you straight ahead. >> could be his messy office. donned needs to clean that stuff up. is mila backing out on the marine? is she ditching the date she promised on national television? but another marine, a female might end up the winner here. "fox & friends" starts right now.

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